Ron Blehm

(Alias: Cub Flounder)


Portland, OR  USA

(This whole harebrained scheme was his idea)

Alejandro Irausquín

(The Collector)

Aeronautical Engineer and Proud Papa

Valencia, Venezuela

Tim D. Lee

(Alias... The Gondolier)

Professional Gondolier

Maryland, USA

Hans Linde

(Alias... The Captain)

Chemist in Residence and Sightseeing Consultant

Hannover, Germany

Joao Mario

(Alias... sorry, no nickname yet)

Ship Supplier and founder of a Rotary Club

Recife, Brazil

Alastair Monk

(Alias... The Monk)

The Chap in Charge of resuscitating all of our crash victims

Uxbridge, UK

Brad Quiring

(Periodically referred to as "The Convict", AKA "FlyingQ")

Club Chaplain and former radio personality

Arequipa, Peru

Tony Radmilovich

(Also will come when called "Weblackey")

Honorary Flightsimmer, Official Cow Driver and Plane Painter

Bend, OR  USA

Bill Smith

(Known aliases: Ernest Sarkasm, Tony Radmilovich)

Resident Wit and Author

Perth, Australia

Peter Stark 

(AKA, The Wizard of Willyabrup)

Real Pilot, Official Nosewheel Tester, Roo Raiser and Winemaker

Willyabrup, Western Australia